TWO TEN aka TwoFeetTenToes is a designer brand aimed at transforming one’s approach toward the classic staple: socks. TWOTENs take center stage, no longer the most negligible of all fashion accessories.

Born of an intrinsic passion for dressing feet, TWOTENs engage colors, patterns, fabrics, and detailing with wit and whimsy. Inspired by Southern California roots, TWOTENs take cues from sophisticated street wear and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. TWOTENs represent a contemporary and exciting brand whose philosophy reflects iconic and luxurious concepts, behind a design influenced by a progressive, polished aesthetic.

We dream that the passion surrounding the birth of TWOTENs and those who wear them, inspires our supporters to get on their own TwoFeetTenToes and become active within their surroundings, encourage and inspire personal expression, and ultimately cultivate dreams and hope within our shared community.